Garage Door Repair: When Do You Call Us?

One of the biggest garage door repair concerns involves the springs used with your door. No matter the style or size of your garage door or even the type of springs that your door has in it, they each serve the same purpose under the right circumstances. Garage door springs need to keep your heavy-duty door balanced when it’s open. Otherwise, you’ll find that the entire door will sway, jolt, or even break in extreme cases. If this happens, you won’t be saving any money on your garage door repair bill.

The most common garage doors that need to be repaired have wound springs. This means that the steel cables will get wiggled around and cause the door to jolt or move about on its own. In order to avoid this problem, you should ensure that there is not more than 0.55 inches of movement when the garage doors are closed and the torsion spring is fully in alignment.

Another extremely important part of garage door maintenance involves how you maintain your opener and remotes. Despite the fact that these devices are highly sophisticated gadgets, some serious accidents have occurred when they have gone wrong. For example, if you’re using a remote that makes use of a deadbolt, it’s imperative that you keep it out of harm’s way whenever it’s not being used. Similarly, you should also regularly make use of both your remote and the keypad to reset the opener if you find that it is jammed or misaligned.

The third type of important garage door maintenance item is the torsion spring system. Unfortunately, there have been cases where people have accidentally discovered that their garage door openers are out of balance or are completely broken because of a defective torsion spring. This is especially the case if the garage door is improperly installed or has not been properly balanced through the use of extension springs. If the torsion spring system is seriously malfunctioning, you must immediately replace it – failing that, there is a high chance that the entire system could become unstable and collapse.

One final important issue that must be addressed during garage door maintenance is the speed at which the device operates. Some people will take their vehicles for a joy ride at high speeds and neglect other very important safety procedures such as slowing down before entering or leaving a building. Likewise, some people are careless when it comes to garage door repairs and forget to double check things like the spring tension and to clear away any obstructions once the device is inside. Inevitably, the result can be that someone can get hurt because the spring was improperly tampered with. If you are going to carry out any garage door maintenance work, it’s essential that you make sure to carry out all of the tasks in the correct order so as not to compromise the safety of those who might get injured while trying to do the repairs.

The best thing to do in these circumstances is to contact us for a maintenance visit. Whether you’re having trouble with your garage door opener or have a general concern about how well your device works, we can take a look and give you the expert advice you need. Regardless of whether you need to make minor repairs or major modifications, our trained technicians can provide you with an immediate solution and make your life a lot easier. By calling us for a garage door opener maintenance visit, you can avoid the hassle of returning to the shop for a new part, allowing your device to function more reliably for a longer period of time.