Full Service Tempe Junk Removal Companies

If you live in Tempe, you may want to take advantage of the Tempe junk removal and recycling services. These services are offered by the Tempe Waste Management and Recycling Department. They are located on the south side of the downtown area. The best way to find out if they are offering any service in your area is to call the city and ask for information.

FULL-SERVING Junk Removal. If you own a large appliance or electrical device, such as a refrigerator, an air conditioner or an ice machine, you may be eligible for full-service trash removal from Tempe. The full-service limit of your junk removal is a stack of up to 15 ft., 6 ft. long and 3 feet. deep. This totals to the same size as a pickup truck bed, which is about the largest size allowed by the city.

Full-service trash companies in Tempe also offer hauling of commercial waste, which includes electronics and appliance parts. Other items that can be included in hauling services include asbestos, lead acid batteries, and automotive components such as hub caps and brake pads. Another option for hauling waste is the dumpster. Many people are unaware that there are dumpsters available in Tempe for full-service junk removal and hauling.

Dumpsters are available in many sizes, depending on what you need. Many dumpsters are large enough to handle residential waste, but smaller items, such as appliances and plastic garbage cans, need a special sized container. Call your local waste company and find out what kind of dumpster they offer. Once you have an idea of what you need, call a full service junk removal company in Tempe and find out what they can do for you.

Trash companies in Tempe will often provide convenient pick up and delivery of your materials. If you have ever had trash pulled off your property, then you know how inconvenient it can be. Contact a full service junk removal company in Tempe to clean out your property, and then get it back to its original clean outs.

Full service trash companies in Tempe are happy to do one-day clean up projects if that is all that you want. You do not need to hire a crew to come to your house every day to haul away your garbage. Your trash hauling service in Tempe will take care of hauling away your trash on a one day basis if that is all you want. Contact a full service junk hauling service in Tempe today.