The Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Diffusers

ultrasonic diffuser

What is an ultrasonic diffuser? Is it really the best humidifier? Can it really be considered a ‘greatest’ humidifier? (It may just be. In fact, just recently won the prestigious Best Humidifier award yet, an utterly beautiful, super-charming, metallic 500 ML beast which can diffuse moisture rapidly for up to twelve hours.)

Let me answer those questions by telling you what an ultrasonic diffuser, or ‘whole body diffuser’ as they’re also called, is. If you’ve ever gotten a whiff of air from a hot day at a real live human spa, chances are you’ve felt the cool, soothing spray of warm, permeable mist wafting through the room. This mist is created by an ultrasonic transducer, a simple tool with a thin metal tube and an electric motor. As the mist passed over the surface of the skin and into the air, it diffuses oils and other substances, creating a light, natural scent that’s pleasant to breathe.

This same principle is used in nebulizers, which utilize the same ultrasonic principle to create a mist that is lighter and more permeable than air. Just like essential oils diffused using a diffuser, nebulizer’s diffuse moisture into the air. Like diffusers, nebulizers also use a transducer to send sound waves through an essential oil, vaporizing it and releasing it into the air. Now, instead of the light, fragrant scent created by essential oils diffused by a diffuser, you get a stronger fragrance, with more aroma and less vapor.

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine practice and many people have turned to it to help treat a variety of ailments and conditions. One of the ailments that has responded well to the use of aromatherapy diffusers is diabetes. Diabetes can be controlled by regular doses of distilled water infused with aromatic essential oils, which are taken in through a nasal channel. Aromatherapy uses a similar theory to that of traditional aromatherapy: the introduction of calming, soothing, and invigorating fragrances into the environment promotes healing.

Other illnesses or conditions for which aromatherapy is recommended include chronic headaches, joint pain, menstrual cramps, asthma, sinusitis, and more. With the introduction of ultrasonic diffuser devices to homes across the country, people no longer have to take their prescription medications or worry about the harsh, irritating fumes from their inhalers or nebulizers. Instead, they can enjoy the comforting and relaxing aromas created by fine mist and ultrasonic vibrations, creating a healing environment in their own home.

There are many different types of diffusers available on the market today, including both electric and manual models. Some of the more popular brands include the Theravix Ultra Slim 100 Wireless Diffuser, the Megaphone Misting Pad Diffuser, and the iLove Fine Mist Professional Turntable. If you have been looking for a way to enjoy all of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and ultrasonic diffusers without the mess, noise, and the extra energy of a vaporizer or humidifier, consider one of these great options!