Responsibilities of a Fire Watch Guard

When we hear about the term “Fire”, most of us instantly visualize fire trucks and fire stations and the devastation that may occur in these areas when fire breaks out. But what most people do not know is that there are several other safety measures that should be taken if you want to prevent fires from breaking out. These measures include implementing a comprehensive security plan that includes security measures such as fire watch guards and a smoke detector. As a proactive measure, you should also consider installing fire alarms at your home or office.

Fire watch guards are on-site personnel to protect the entire premises and watch for the presence of fire. In case of a fire, they will immediately alert first responders and rescue personnel and supply them with necessary fire equipment to fight the fire. In some cases, fire watch guards can also access buildings in order to extinguish fire. In these instances, fire suppression equipment should also be on hand and readily available, including the services provided by an expert professional fire guard company like Fire Watch Guards.

The role of fire watch guards is very important because they are not only trained and experienced in fighting fire but also know where fire hazards are located. They are therefore capable of stopping the fire from spreading to other places. This is especially important when you have children in your home. Kids run around the house all day playing and often leave behind fire hazards. A professional company will not only get you secure but will also take care of the cleaning and extinguishing of the fire hazards.

Fire watch guards can also patrol your premises during non-business hours. When the general public is not around, they can spot the fire hazards and call the fire department for help. As part of their patrol, these professional companies will remove any trash that may be causing hazards or trash that may have been discarded after use. They will also clear any bushes or shrubs that may be blocking fire escapes. An important duty of a patrol member is checking doors to make sure that they are locked and that no one has a way in or out of the building.

For areas where there is no police, security services are the best alternative. Professional companies that provide security services for premises are the ones who can best respond to emergencies. Fire watch guards are also part of the security services that will check on the fire hazards in case the public is not around. If the public is not around, guards will be sent to check for any signs of distress. Once alarms are heard, the guard will notify the fire department and the police.

In addition to patrol activities, fire watch guards will also be responsible for emergency response. They will be sent to scenes of accidents where there are fire hazards. These include scene of a fire, a medical emergency, an accident scene or a suspicious activity. They will place fire safety equipment, call for help and also summon the public for help.