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Get Rewards For Every Purchase: At Expressions of the Home in Troy, Ohio, get rewards for every purchase and receive points! Are you the proud owner of Expressions of the Home in Troy, OH? How about sharing your knowledge of this fine real estate investing community with others? If you love talking about the homes and investments of this area’s rich and successful investors, talk with Expressions of the Home owners group.

Great Investors: Have you invested with Expressions of the Home in Troy before? If so, how are you doing financially? You should feel proud of helping to shape a community that is providing great jobs and opportunities for many people.

Great Benefits: Have you ever looked at pictures of the homes in this community? Do you see pictures of manicured, beautiful lawns? Do you see beautiful gardens filled with flowers? If you have, then you’re getting what everyone is talking about: great benefits and great investment possibilities in Expressions of the Home!

Excellent Amenities: What else could you ask for in a community that represents home in every respect? Well, more than just “furniture,” there are many other things to consider. There are beautiful swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, game rooms, fully equipped modern gyms, and professional trainers on hand. Did I forget to mention that there are also two fireplaces in this amazing community? The fireplaces are gorgeous and look great next to your pool or patio.

Maintenance Free: Forget about calling your plumber every time something goes wrong. This is a small investment in your future, and the safety and well being of your family, so it’s worth it! Expressions of the Home is owned by many Troy citizens who are passionate about their neighborhood. The residents enjoy numerous services and amenities, and do-it-yourself projects are handled by volunteer workers.

There are many more reasons to live and grow in this community. However, those are the biggest. When considering a move to this area, be sure to take advantage of the great opportunities Expressions of the Home has to offer. This is truly a unique community, with an excellent range of housing options for everyone. Your future will be built through the efforts of you and your fellow homeowners!

As the population of Troy continues to increase, the demand for housing will continue to grow as well. The best part of this is that there is something for everyone. There are affordable homes in all price ranges, perfect for families and retirees alike. Expressions of the Home has developed many different neighborhoods. Some are highly sought after because of their scenic views, and others are simply closer to city life, offering great convenience for those who are just looking for a place to call home.

The city of Troy is located right in the heart of Illinois. The entire community offers incredible job potential to its residents. Troy is located in Degrade Park in south central Illinois. Families looking to relocate to this community will find that they will have plenty to choose from. You can choose between single family homes, town homes, and apartments, as well as luxury homes in the most sought after parts of the community.